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Affordable Web Hosting

How To Find Affordable Web Hosting Solutions

BluehostIn today’s world economy it’s very important to find a web hosting solutions company that believes in quality support but at the same time has affordable pricing. For many web sites, there is simply no need to spend $20 or $30 per month on web hosting. Those days are long gone and the web hosting industry has been bringing down prices for several years now.

It’s no longer hard to find quality affordable web hosting companies. These days the average monthly price for a basic web hosting plan is under $10. The best part is many of the top web hosting providers have not sacrificed their service and are still providing both phone and email support for these low prices. Many of these same companies are offering unlimited storage and data transfer. The average website will never get close to using a web servers capacity.

Bluehost is a US-based company, does a great job, and are highly recommended. Their email ticket response is near instant and their phone support is equally good. The last time that I called them for support, I was speaking to a tech support representative in less than 2 minutes. They are also very active on a few of the social media web sites and often provide useful tips from their Twitter account.

They have a great tutorial on how to transfer a website with little to no downtime. In many cases it’s easy to move a website and website visitors generally have no idea that a website is transferring web host.

It’s important to do your own research when looking for a new web host, to ensure the information is accurate. Sometimes people leave misleading information on hosting review web sites. The true test on how to choose a good web host is to come up with a list of several questions and then call the host. See how fast they answer the phone and how accurate and fast they can answer your web hosting questions. With these simply steps it won’t be hard to find affordable web hosting. Bluehost is sure to be at the best, so check them out now and sign up!