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How to Buy a US-only Kindle Book From Outside the US


Here’s a work around for buying a Kindle edition of a book that’s only available in the US through Amazon, in 5 easy steps:

  • 1. Download Hotspot Shield for free and install it. Windows and Mac versions available.
  • 2. Delete all cookies on your computer and restart your browser.
  • 3. Turn on Hotspot shield. This will make Amazon think your computer is in the United States by giving you a US IP address.
  • 4. Log into Amazon and change your address to a US address. A fake one is fine for our purposes.
  • 5. Buy the Kindle edition of the book that you want. You’re done!

Huge hat tip to Nick Broadhurst! Nick is in Australia and bought Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Body using the above method. I wanted to share this method so that anyone outside the US can get a US-only version of any Kindle book. Thanks!

Did you try this? Have any additional information to share? Please put your comments and experiences below.

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