Lighttpd 1.4.12 for RedHat/Fedora

PLEASE NOTE: Native Lighttpd Windows builds are available at
The last available Lighttpd for Windows build that I created using Cygwin was Lighttpd for Windows 1.4.17.
Updated September 29, 2009.

Because of a recent post on the lighttpd forum, I have decided to release my binary and source rpms of version 1.4.12. I built these all on an up to date version of RedHat Enterprise Linux version 4 (RHEL4). These rpms should work on both RedHat and Fedora. My versioning notes it as ‘KWEL4’; my ‘Enterprise Linux’ rpms.
Please note that you will need gamin (part of the standard distro) and lua, which I am also providing. Also note that if you want to install the mod_mysql_vhost rpm, you will need to have mysql (of course) and perl-DBI installed, both of which are part of the standard distro.

Download here