nginx 0.6.29 for Windows

Based on the success of lighttpd for Windows, I decided to see if I could build another lightweight Apache web server alternative on Windows: nginx. It was possible, so I created a nice, easy-to-use setup package to let anyone try it out. It should not be used in a production environment and I will probably not be able to help if you run into problems, but it works for me, and may help your development efforts in some way. Think of it as a proof or concept and use it at your own risk!

Things to know about this release:
This setup package was created on Windows XP Professional and has been tested on Windows XP and 2000.
Windows Vista has NOT been tested, but may work on 32-bit versions.
I compiled nginx with Cygwin. If you have the cygwin1.dll on your system, you may have a conflict that won’t let you run nginx.

Download nginx 0.6.29 for win32 here

Feedback, donations (if you find it useful), and comments are welcome.