Nginx 1.13.8 for Windows

Nginx 1.13.8 for Windows

Nginx 1.13.8 32-bit and 64-bit builds for Windows are now available for free download.

As usual, packages were built using the upstream mainline branch’s source code. “Engine x” is a high performance web server. It is also a caching proxy and a Layer 7 load balancing solution. Millions of web sites on the Internet use and benefit from Nginx while offering extreme performance, scalability, reliability, flexibility, and security.

Note: these builds were built with older versions of OpenSSL. SSL/TLS is NOT recommended for use. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Using http only is recommended.

On 2017-12-26, the mainline version 1.13.8 was released at Also, the upstream changelog is as follows:

Changes with nginx 1.13.8 – 26 Dec 2017

  • ) Feature: now nginx automatically preserves the CAP_NET_RAW capability in worker processes when using the “transparent” parameter of the “proxy_bind”, “fastcgi_bind”, “memcached_bind”, “scgi_bind”, and “uwsgi_bind” directives.
  • ) Feature: improved CPU cache line size detection. Thanks to Debayan Ghosh.
  • ) Feature: new directives in vim syntax highlighting scripts. Thanks to Gena Makhomed.
  • ) Bugfix: binary upgrade refused to work if nginx was re-parented to a process with PID different from 1 after its parent process has finished.
  • ) Bug fix: the ngx_http_autoindex_module incorrectly handled requests with bodies.
  • ) Bugfix: in the “proxy_limit_rate” directive when used with the “keepalive” directive.
  • ) Bug fix: some parts of a response might be buffered when using “proxy_buffering off” if the client connection used SSL. Thanks to Patryk Lesiewicz.
  • ) Bugfix: in the “proxy_cache_background_ate” directive.
  • ) Bug fix: it was not possible to start a parameter with a variable in the “${name}” form with the name in curly brackets without enclosing the parameter into single or double quotes.

Maxim Dounin

Due to the build process, these Windows install files are provided to support legacy users. In other words, those who still use the Cygwin based builds. I started building long before official builds became available. Initially there was no other way to run on Windows. But now, official native Windows builds are available and supported at So please use the official builds if you are new to Nginx on Windows. Once again, they are fully supported and available for download at

Consequently, you may Download Nginx 1.13.8 for Windows (32-bit & 64-bit versions) here.

Furthermore, please check out the FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.

The questions are updated continually as they are received. Therefore the answers may help you. Additionally, if you have other questions that are not on the FAQ please feel free to ask or leave a comment below.

In conclusion, I always welcome and appreciate your feedback for improvements and enhancements. Thank you.

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