Nginx for Windows 1.0.2

Nginx for WindowsThe latest stable version of Nginx, 1.0.2, was released at

nginx [engine x] is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a mail proxy server written by Igor Sysoev.

Nginx delivers static content quickly and efficiently, without bogging down system resources. Nginx uses an asynchronous event-driven approach to handle requests.

This provides predictable performance under load, as compared to the Apache HTTP server model, which uses a threaded or process-oriented approach to handling requests.

The Nginx sources are licensed under 2-clause BSD-like license and can be downloaded at

Nginx version 1.0.2 is available for 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows. Both builds were created using Cygwin on Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate.

Downloads are available on the Nginx for Windows Download Page.

These builds available on an “as-is” basis. Use at your own risk.

Please do not hesitate to leave your questions and/or comments below.

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