Question for LILUG Members

On the email list I proposed a quick poll to see what Linux distribution most members are primarily running. If you would like, please post a comment and note your primary distro. If you are not a follower of the LILUG mailing list, please note that as well in your comment. Thanks.

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  • Kevin Worthington Aug 26, 2004 @ 12:16


  • Mark Drago Aug 26, 2004 @ 13:36

    Fedora (currently Fedora Core 3 Test 1 upgraded to Rawhide)

  • John (J5) Palmieri Aug 26, 2004 @ 13:52

    Fedora Core 2 and Rawhide
    I work for Red Hat BTW

  • Jeff Sipek Aug 26, 2004 @ 14:49

    Debian Sid (Desktop) and Debian Sarge (Laptop)…other than that, I install Debian as an all purpose distro (read: everywhere)

  • Bill Wade Aug 26, 2004 @ 22:48

    I am trying out Fedora Core II after using Fedora Core I. At this point I prefer Fedora Core I and will probably go back to it after I have finished exploring II. It would be nice to a Fedora interest group within or associated with LILUG.

  • Anthony DiSante Aug 31, 2004 @ 15:50

    Gentoo on my desktop
    Gentoo on my mom’s+sister’s desktop
    Gentoo on my car stereo
    Debian on my server (because that’s what it came with, and it works fine)

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