Apple gives XP its blessing on Mac hardware

Apple has released a bootloader called ‘Boot Camp’ that allows you to dual boot Microsoft Windows XP and Mac OS X on the same system, natively, easily, safely, with support.
‘Boot Camp’ has a much nicer interface than the hack that won the ‘boot XP on Mac’ competition and it is fully supported by Apple.

  • Pros: Windows on a Mac (obviously); the possibility to triple or quadruple boot on your Mac if you’d really like to (OS X, XP, Linux, Solaris, etc); web developing all on one system; XP hardware drivers provided by Apple; increased Apple/Mac marketshare.
  • Cons: Your Mac can get viruses/spyware/malware just like any Dell or white-box PC. Hooray.

My next notebook will be a Mac, without a doubt.

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