lighttpd 1.4.11 for Windows

PLEASE NOTE: Native Lighttpd Windows builds are available at
The last available Lighttpd for Windows build that I created using Cygwin was Lighttpd for Windows 1.4.17.
Updated September 29, 2009.

Although the source has been available for a few days, lighttpd 1.4.11 for Windows is finally here. Besides the upstream fixes from, a few minor changes exist in this release. The most major to note is that an alternative stop batch file is now available for XP (and up) users. It is called stop-lighttpd2.bat and can directly replace the regular stop batch file. As usual read the release notes (in the installer) before installing/upgrading. Regarding the new stop batch file, from the readme.txt:

stop-lighttpd2.bat is an alternate stop batch file for Windows XP which doesn’t need process.exe. It uses Windows’ taskkill.exe instead.

Download: lighttpd-1.4.11-win-setup.exe

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