Overdue Update

I haven’t written here in a while. Sorry about that. A lot has happened in the past month. I finished up my summer course (Cryptography and Computer Security), and I earned an A. So I got that goin’ for me…
Last week, Trish and I were down in North Carolina, the Outer Banks to be exact. We had a good time, both got tans, and did a lot of boogie boarding. We (one other couple, Trish and I) rented a house in Corolla that was only a few hundred feet from the beach. We didn’t think to take any pictures, since mostly we were on the beach. And by the way, the town of Corolla is pronounced differently from the Toyota of the same spelling. The town is called CUH-RAH-LUH, where the car is CUH-ROLE-UH. So know you know…
While we were on vacation, some guys figured out how to run the Intel version of Mac OS X on regular PCs, read: not the Intel developer machines with the trusted computing chip. A guy got it running on a standard Sony Vaio Laptop. It was featured on several sites, like Slashdot, MacNN, and Wired. Cool stuff, especially if you are a Mac enthusiast. If you’re not, I’m sorry I wasted your time on this paragraph.
In football news, The Jets beat the Lions in a pre-season matchup this past Friday. I don’t read much into pre-season games but I guess I’m happy they won. The new Heimerdinger-run offense should be a great boost this year. The acquisition of Ty Law will be a great boost defensively since Ray Mickens retired abruptly in June. Not only is it great that the Jets have a talented cornerback in Ty Law, but the fact that the Patriots do not have him anymore serves as a double whammy. This season has a lot to look forward to. More later…
In website news, I upgraded to the latest unSLUNg software on this webserver. I also installed Anthony’s Dynamic DNS Auto-Updating software called Eponym. It makes sure that my IP address syncs with my .com domain name. OK, [/end geek].
Until next time… Hopefully it won’t be a month from now.

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  • Tishbite Aug 15, 2005 @ 20:42

    YYYAAAAAYYYY!!!! I’m glad that you finally updated your page!!!