Student Tasered at a John Kerry Speech

This is very disturbing. A student at the University of Florida asked John Kerry some questions and ultimately got Tasered and arrested. Sure the kid was annoying the way he asked the barrage of questions, but as Americans we should have a long-forgotten right called the Freedom of Speech. Kerry was trying to answered the student’s question while several university police officers dragged him away from the microphone and Tasered him. Excessive force was used, especially since the kid had his hands up and there were at least six officers trying to restrain him. All the while the student was asking why he was being arrested, and he was not given a reason until much later when he was in handcuffs. The LiveLeak video below shows that part.

YouTube video 1 of the incident
YouTube video 2 of the incident
LiveLeak Video: Kerry Taser Incident….raw footage of after he was tasered and led away

John P. at One Man’s Blog also has an excellent post about this incident and Tasering in general.

I sincerely hope that some disciplinary action is taken on the involved UF police officers involved in this. Freedom of speech needs to make a comeback.

So what do you think? Was the use of a Taser justified or excessive? Leave your comments below.

Note: The original story that I saw was on Slashdot.