War-Driving with an iPhone?

While I was playing with my iPhone in a moving car, I noticed that it continually asked me if I would like to join the various Wi-Fi networks that it found. This got me thinking how many people are currently using, or will use, the iPhone to find open access points. The iPhone makes it dead simple to locate the insecure networks via the lack of a “lock” icon which is handy, especially since even slow access points (using 802.11b for example) are faster than AT&T’s EDGE network.

I am sure I will still be finding out cool things the iPhone can do as time goes on. I am just hoping that a software udpate down the road will add the ability to record digital video. I am really surprised that it was left out of these first versions. I will keep my fingers crossed, but I am not holding my breath.

Any thoughts about war-driving with the iPhone? Or any other iPhone related thoughts?